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"Thank you for making our Shabbat Retreat a resounding success. As soon as you began teaching it was clear that our participants were actively engaged and thrilled to learn from you... Not only were you an outstanding teacher, clearly passionate about  biblical women and midrash, but participants remarked that you were very relatable, and fit right in with our group. Thank you for inspiring us!" - Cantor Meredith Stone, Congregation Emanu-El of Westchester, Rye, NY.  

Speaking Availability

Rabbi Feldman is available for virtual or in-person presentations, including:

  • Meet the Author/Book Readings

  • Scholar-In-Residence

  • Lecture/Sermons

  • Single or multi-session classes

  • Workshops and Training Sessions 

  • Torah/Text Study Sessions

Topics may include a single focus or combination of topics including: Biblical Women Speak: Women in Midrash; Women's Programming and Leadership; Social Justice and Advocacy. See below and in my Portfolio for a partial list of topics.

Partial Workshop/Course List

Torah Study and/or Text-Based Workshops


Biblical Women Speak: Discovering Their Voices through New and Ancient Midrash

Taken from the upcoming book by the same title, this session will provide insight into the art of midrash, from ancient sources to modern biblical interpretation as we discover women of the Bible and restore their voices.


Biblical Women in Midrash

This session provides an in-depth look at one of the many biblical women featured in the book, providing an overview of the traditional rabbinic and medieval sources and delving into the midrashic process to create modern interpretations that bring meaning and relevance to our modern lives.


Tzedek, Tzedek Tirdof: A Textual Approach to Social Justice

The social justice mandate within Judaism permeates the life of Reform congregations. This session will examine social justice texts from Biblical, Rabbinic and Medieval tradition that provide the foundation for the work we do and consider what these teachings mean for us today. In addition to a general session on social justice texts, more tailored sessions can focus on poverty, just war, international human rights, reproductive rights, bio-ethics, and other select topics.


Masters and Stewards: The Jewish Environmental Ethic

This textual approach to Judaism and the environment will examine relevant texts from Biblical, Rabbinic and Medieval tradition and consider what these teachings mean for us today.

Workshops and Courses for Women’s Groups and Leadership Training

Can You Hear Me? Are You Listening?

As modern Jewish life is changing, so are our congregations, communities, and sisterhoods, requiring us to adopt new approaches and adapt to new trends and cultural dynamics. This new era requires us to be nimble and open to trying new things, and in particular, we must pay attention to the needs and interests of today’s women. This requires active listening. Learn how and why to conduct a listening campaign in your community. WARNING: You may hear ideas that will lead to change! 


A Decade of Change: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Headed

Reflecting on ten years as Women of Reform Judaism's Executive Director, Rabbi Feldman will review the evolution women's priorities and consider where we go next as we continue our historic mandate to engage women in Jewish life, deepen women’s spirituality, and lift up women’s voices on issues of concern.  


Advocacy Related Workshops


Speak Truth to Power: A Guide for Congregational (or Sisterhood) Advocacy

In fulfillment of their mandate to seek justice, many congregations and sisterhoods address political issues in their local communities. This session will consider when and how we can engage in matters of public policy, respecting the diversity of our membership while remaining true to the prophetic teachings that have inspired Jewish life.

Advocacy Matters: A History of Reform Jewish Women’s Engagement

Women of Reform Judaism has a long and proud history of advocacy and engagement on public policy issues, acting on the basis of existing resolutions and policy statements as well as the values of Reform Judaism. In this session we will learn about the importance and power of women’s advocacy on a wide array of issues of concern.

Achieving Pay Equity: Closing the Pay Gap in Reform Congregations

Statistically women in the U.S. earn 20% less than their male colleagues and the Reform Movement is no exception. The gender wage gap in the Jewish community has been documented through several salary studies in recent years. This session will touch on the causes of the gender wage gap, such as implicit bias, as well as key interventions that will help us achieve pay equity throughout our Reform congregations and institutions.

Contact for Speaking Invitations

If you are interested in engaging Rabbi Feldman for a speaking opportunity, please contact her directly and be sure to include details including name and location of the congregation/organization, desired date(s), number and type of sessions.

Thanks for submitting! I'll respond to your message as soon as possible.

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